Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Reading Log #2

Title: Bottle Creek Blues
Author: Sam Hunt
Type: Poem
Personal response:

This poem is about the amount of pollution in a town that is ruining the environment and killing people that live there. Unfortunatly instead of the town doing something about the problem, they protest about the issue but never take any action towards pollution.

I found this poem very interesting because even though Hunt did not state the problem in the poem, he used other words to describe the issue using language tachniques e.g. "". By using a range of language techniques I could get a glimpse of the picture that Hunt was trying to paint.

I think that the town should take action and look after the environment by picking rubbish and cleaning their beaches. By doing this, people can enjoy the sandy beachs instead of the rubbish covering the sand and getting hurt from cracked bottles being washed up from the shore. Another dissapointing news is the pollution in the air that is suffocating the animals like birds, which cause the heavy air to move the toxic gas towards a town that is close by.

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