Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Should the internet be banned?

Around the world, people use the internet for many tasks that include research, communication and entertainment. Others go against the web due to the amount of identity theft and other problems on the net. However there are solutions and tips that can stop identity theft from occurring. This is why I firmly disagree and go against the internet should be banned.

Firstly, I firmly go against the internet should be banned because many people worldwide use the internet for tasks that need research. Books are useful, but I personally think that the web provides more information that allows more than 100 users to log on to the same webpage at the same time. One of these sites that can help our research is an online encyclopaedia called Wikipedia ( Wikipedia was found in 2001 by Jimmy Wales & Larry Sanger. This site allows members to edit and provide useful facts about one subject e.g. Maori history etc. Another webpage that can be helpful to search for information is yahoo answers ( Yahooanswers is where you can ask any questions an recieve answers from users, this site was released in 2005 by yahoo. Not only can you ask questions but you could also edit an online person where you create your own style by choosing what your person should look and wear.

Secondly I firmly go against the internet should be banned because it’s a cheaper and faster way to communicate with others worldwide. Communication can mean keeping in touch and also giving and receiving updates from each other. Hotmail ( is one of the examples for emailing where you can send messages to other members that have the same or different email website. This site was found in 1996 by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia. Another site that uses communication is bebo (, which was released in 2005 by Michael Birch & Xochi Birch. Bebo stands for “Blog early blog afternoon” which requires members to personalise their page with pictures, music, bands and other applications. But most of all this site also sends email and comments to friends or family anywhere.

Thirdly, I firmly go against the internet should be banned because most sites are created to entertain members and users. Entertainment may require downloading music or watching free videos without downloading. Limewire is one of the examples of downloading free music or videos from other members and also store, and play after the downloading is over. This site was found in 2000 by the company Lime Wire LLC and is available in 31 languages. Another website that can entertain people without downloading is Youtube ( Youtube was released in 2005 by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim, this site provides videos you can only watch on the net. Members of youtube can provide videos of anything that is acceptable.

Although identity theft has been growing over the years and is becoming an online put down. This is when someone steals other people’s identity online in order to steal money or other tasks that can lead to trouble. However there are solutions and tips to this fraud. First of all, keep your password secret that no one will know or find out. Secondly, never put your information about your backup question when you forget your password on your page. Thirdly, make sure no one is watching behind your back when typing in your password, and Lastly, if you are really worried about the fraud and nothing has made you feel safe you could download spyware doctor (, where the site deletes users that are watching your every move you take online.

In Conclusion, even though the amount of identity theft has been accelarating on the web. There are solutions and web sites that can help. Worldwide people use the internet for many tasks that require research, communication and entertainment. But if we banned the internet now how can we contact more than 10 people in just minutes. Or have fun with many games to play online instead of watching boring ads on TV. Or how can 100 people use the same source at the same time at the same place. This is why I disagree and firmly go against the internet should be banned.

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  1. Achieved. Good work Losalini, you have presented a convincincing argument and your structure is spot on. However there are a few careless errors that could be fixed with more careful proofreading. Also your topic sentences are a bit clumsy. Read them aloud slowly and see if you can improve on the wording. Also avoid TV, write television. Be formal! Feel free to correct and get me to reassess. Well done on a great start.