Thursday, May 21, 2009

Social network such as Facebook and Bebo are endangering New Zealand teenagers

I firmly go against, social networks are endangering New Zealand teenagers, because it is a faster and quicker way to socialise with online friends or family, and it entertainments users to personalise their own pages e.g.Bebo and Face book. However, there are problems and issues that can physically, and metally effect New Zealand teenagers e.g. Cyber-bullying . Cyber bullying, has grown in New Zealnd for years nows. Although there are solutions, that have been developed around the world that can stop this issue from occuring.

Bebo is one of the examples, where you basically make decisions of leaving a comment, or personally sending messages directly to that person. This social network, has been online eversince 2006, and the amount of members that have joined, has accelerated over the years. Bebo is also a handy socialising net, because members, don't have to leave there comfort zones, to meet others, instead of managing to socialise with other members, when ever and wherever they are. Although, socialising with others on a phone card, can be useful, but sometimes telephones play up, and make it difficult to talk to others, and it also costs more money than socialising on the net, where you could write a letter, add pictures and send.

Facebook is another example, of socialising with others online without having to translate words you don't know. Changing the subtitles could help, because facebook is available to anyone on different countries e.g. Hong Kong-Chinese, Spain- Spanish and Norwegian - Nynorsk etc. Facebook can also send messages, pictures, and others that can also be displayed on your page(s). This socialising network can keep users up to date, with the latest news headlines around the world. Facebook has been launced from 2004 and is still famous for it's managing network. I firmly go against social networks are endangering New Zealand teenagers, because these are one of the places, where people can socialise and be entertained.

However, there are issues that have been occuring on the net, cyberbullying has been growing in New Zealand that has lead to commiting suicide. Although ther are advantages that have been made to keep teenagers safe on the net. Personalising your page, is one thing, where only your friends can see your page or comment on your page etc. Another is whenever you are harrased by others, you could click spam and that blocks that user from going on your page.

In conclusion, I firmly go against social networks are endangering teenagers, because this is one of the quickest way and fastest to contact and socialise with others. Even though there are issues that worry teenagers, there are many solutions to this problem, that has been made stronger to keep New Zealand teenagers cyber safe.

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  1. Not Achieved at the moment. Go back over it slowly reading it aloud. I sense you did this a little quickly and have let careless errors get through! Have another proofread and get me to mark it then. Try starting with "I firmly disagree that social networking sites are endangering New Zealand teenagers...". Keep up the good work Losalini - you are capable of least!